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Fic Masterlist

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Welcome to my fan fiction section of my community. Here you will find all of my fics that I have completed.

At the moment I'm only writing for the Merlin & The Hunger Games fandoms, but I hope to soon venture into other fandoms!

LAST UPDATED: 23rd Jan 2017.



Arthur & Gwen:

The Amulet of Shinnok - G - 4, 261 - Merlin encounters a mysterious small child. (One-shot)

A Knight's Tale - PG - 2,581 - Gwaine gets enchanted… (One-shot)

Surprise - PG - 1,043 - Gwen has some surprising news for Arthur...(One-shot)

Five Little Ficlets - Five ficlets written for the Mini Challenge over at ag_fics. (Drabbles)

Two Ficlets - Two ficlets written for the second Mini Challenge over at ag_fics. (Drabbles)

All I Need is a Miracle - A little ficlet written for the 3rd Mini Challenge over at ag_fics (Drabble)

Guinevere's Choice - PG - 9,401 - Gwen gets visited by a ghost who shows her the future. (Written for the reel_merlin challenge 4.) (One-shot)

Three Arthur/Gwen Drabbles - A few drabbles written on tumblr based on prompts! (Drabbles)

Mistletoe - PG - 431 - Mistletoe means kisses… [written for the Arthur & Gwen Christmas Fest I hosted] (Drabble)

Actions Are Better Than Words - PG/Light M - 911 - Gwen helps Arthur appreciate other forms of clothing.... (Drabble)

Apart But Not Forgotten: Part ONE || Part TWO || Part THREE || Part FOUR - (Gwen, A/G & G/L)- PG-13 - 3,794 words so far - She may be gone but Camelot is still with her [written for the square_table challenge] (On-going Series)

And That Makes Three - PG - 499 - Gwen has some long-awaited news for her husband... [written for the June Writing Competition at Welcome to Camelot] (Drabble)

A Christmas Surprise: Part ONE - T - 1,690 - It’s been two months since Gwen slept with her boss and she finds herself pregnant to Arthur Pendragon, heir to Uther Pendragon’s renowned law firm, and who told her after their night together that they couldn’t be together. What will Gwen do? How will Arthur react? [written for the winterknights 2016 Christmas Fest]

A Welcomed Distraction - T - 489 - The King finds training his latest knights harder than anticipated. [written for camelot_drabble]

Welcome Home - PG - 566 - The Great Dragon said when Albion’s greatest hour of need arrived that The Once and Future King would rise again. That day has finally come. [written for camelot_drabble]

The Hunger Games:


Christmas Blessings - T - 2, 236 - Canon Complaint Fic. Set between the end of Mockingjay and the Epilogue. Katniss and Peeta celebrate Panem's first District-wide Christmas and each have surprises for each other.
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