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Apart But Not Forgotten, Chapter Two (A/G)

Title: Apart But Not Forgotten, Chapter Two: Virginity
Author: ella_rose88
Pairing/Character: Gwen, Arthur/Gwen
Rating: PG, light M.
Word Count: 948
Warnings: Set during series 4 episode 11 & 12. AU after episode 10.
Prompt: Virginity.
Link to Table: can be found HERE.
Summary:She may be gone, but Camelot is still with her. In the second chapter, Gwen remembers her first night with Arthur.
A/N: This was written for the Square Table Challenge over at square_table. The Theme for this chapter is Virginity.

This chapter has not been beta’ed so any errors are my fault. Once again comments are very much appreciated ♥!

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Once again sleep eludes her. More so now that the babe has grown so big, she can feel it stirring within her, giving her such emotions – joy, hope, sadness. Sadness that what could have been such a joyous time for her – and Arthur – is now lost. But Gwen is determined to not let her guilt and shame affect her, for she now has a child to care for and protect. To love.

The baby gives a little kick and a tear escapes Gwen’s eye as she remembers the night Arthur proposed.

The first thing that Gwen notices is that there are candles, candles everywhere. Though Gwen has a blindfold on, she can see the golden light that are radiating from the candles. A giggle escapes her mouth as she thinks of the danger so many candles might cause.

“What are you laughing at, Guinevere?” The cause of her laughter asks her, sounding not as amused.

“Nothing,” She lies, before she feels Arthur’s hands un-tying the piece of cloth around her eyes and then removes it. And Gwen gasps in surprise for it seems that Arthur – with Merlin’s help no doubt – has lilt up the whole room with dozens and dozens of candles, causing a triumphed smirk to appear on Arthur’s face.

“Arthur,” Gwen manages to gasp out at him. But she can’t do much else as he takes her hand and leads her to the bench for her to sit on. Then he kneels down on one knee in front of her and Gwen can feel her heart pounding inside her chest, knowing what is about to happen next, yet still surprised by it.

Finally, Arthur takes her hand and asks her the question she has been waiting for a lifetime, “Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” And Gwen just stares back at him with pure happiness and joy before she can barely contain it and she hugs him close.

After a few seconds of silence, she hears her beloved ask her, “Is that a yes?” for she was too overwhelmed with happiness that she did not give him an answer straight away. Gwen pulls away from him for a minute and responds with all her heart, “Yes.” Leaving nothing in Arthur’s way to place his mother’s ring upon her finger, for Gwen recognised it as soon as he presented it to her.
Smiling lovingly at each other, Gwen has never felt so happy or loved. And now her life with Arthur is about to begin -- finally, after years of waiting and hiding their feelings for each other, now they can be together. The emotions start to get too much for Gwen, that she cannot stand it any longer, so she leans forward and places her gentle lips upon Arthur’s in a passionate and long kiss.

Eventually, they break away for they both need air and Gwen mutters in his ear, “I love you so much Arthur,” causing a huge grin to appear on his face. “I love you to, Guinevere.” He declares softly and lovingly, before using his hand to lift her chin and kiss her again.

Quickly the kiss becomes passionate and Arthur’s soft and warm lips start to move from her lips to her chin, and then her neck causing a moan to escape Gwen’s mouth. He then stops as he realizes how far he was just about to go and he apologizes for he does not want to ruin her honour.

Gwen looks deeply in her eyes, softly caressing the back of his neck where his hair meets his nape, enjoying the feel of his golden hair. “I love you Arthur. I’ve always loved you and I’ve only ever wanted you.” She tells him before she boldly takes his hand and brings it to her breast to caress it, causing both of them to gasp and moan. And Arthur thinks, hang it. They engaged now and she is going to be his wife, his Queen.

As the memory slowly fade away, Gwen starts caressing her slowly bulging stomach, wishing that the events that occurred the next few days did not happened. For if they didn’t she would be married to Arthur by now and they would be so happy with the prospect of becoming parents. A son or a daughter to call they very own.

They even discussed what they would name their children that night he proposed after they had made love for the very first time. Amhar and Eleanor – Amhar for Arthur had always loved that name and the nobility associated with it and Eleanor because it was Gwen’s mother’s name.

Now Gwen was stuck with the decision of whether to inform Arthur and her brother of her condition. She knew that they had the right to know, Gwen knew that very well. But what kept her up at night was what if Arthur and her own brother did not believe her. What if they all thought that Arthur was not the father, but rather Lancelot. Though, she wanted to believe that Arthur would believe her, she also knew the heart-ache seeing her kissing and embracing Lancelot had caused him. And while, she was mad at him for banishing her, she did not wish to cause him further heart-break. For that is what you do when you love someone. You try to protect them.

The problem was what if keeping it a secret was not the best thing for them. What if it caused more harm than good.

But what Gwen did not know was back in Camelot, one of her dearest friends had found something. Something that would prove her innocence and change the very course of her destiny.


Part ONE || Part TWO || Part THREE || Part FOUR || Part FIVE ||

Tags: character: gwen, fic: multi-chapter, pairing: arthur/gwen, rating: m, rating: pg, square table challenge, theme: virginity
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